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"During the Frequency of Spirituality meditation, I felt myself as REAL, beyond the illusion of form, beyond the machinations of the mind, outside of time, inside the belly of the great I AM... It felt like after 40 years of meditation and working on myself I'd finally made contact and was home." ~Alison E.

-What are the biggest misconceptions about spirituality?
-Are your Guides Really helping you?
-What's the one question to ask to know if something or someone is really for your best and highest good?
-How is our reality created and what is our part in creating it?

Mas Sajady shares what he's learned from Pure Source about the spirit realm and our true nature. He discusses which commonly held beliefs about spirituality are distortions and may be holding us back, as well as how we can redirect our beliefs to more effectively connect with Pure Source.


After his second “near death experience” Mas Sajady was given astonishingly healing and intuitive abilities. Connecting to a higher energy field has allowed him to channel and heal through the Pure Source with amazing results. Healings can be for your physical or emotional health, financial or spiritual well-being as well as for relationships of all kinds.

Mas Sajady does not have the power to heal.  However, he is able to allow pure energy from a higher energy field to work through him to heal. Although his abilities have been compared to religious figures, the healings are not religious in anyway but spiritual. Mas works on all faiths and non-faiths.

Almost all of the individuals experience a significant shift and feel much better after a healing with him.  In many cases, their issues have been resolved.

Mas Sajady is not a medical doctor.  In the event he gives you any health suggestions, please consult your health practitioner for advice.

Quantum Healer

  • Relieve Persistent Health Issues
  • Supercharge Your Finances
  • Heighten Relationships
  • Rise to True Spirituality
  • Enhance Beauty/Anti-Aging & More...

Success Energizer

  • Energize Core SI for Rapid Achievement.
  • Remove Self-Defeating Patterns.
  • Instill the Image of Wealth & Remove Financial Blocks.
  • Corporate sessions for improving sales and productivity are available

The Story....

Mas Sajady has always been intuitively gifted. Like many others, he tried to hide or ignore his highly intuitive nature so he could “fit in”.  It is for this reason Mas has always strongly advised parents to support children who have similar affinities. It literally took two near death experiences to awaken and embrace his abilities.

His first near death experience was in his early twenties during college. Aside from the crushed jaw and torqued neck, it was the best experience he has ever had.

“The beauty, peace and love present during this experience can never compare to anything we have on earth at this physical level”, says Mas.  After this experience, his intuitive abilities heightened where he was able to sense future events and internal issues of others.

At that point, family life took over where his kids and his successful web development business took center stage and his intuitive abilities were pushed aside.

His second near death experience occurred in 2006, also his second best life experience. The latter opened him to an even higher levels of awareness where miracles can and do happen. To clarify, Mas Sajady does not have the power to heal; rather he acts as the “conduit” for pure energy to manifest this healing from a higher energy field. These fundamental shifts can impact physical and emotional health, financial, spiritual and any areas of one’s relationships.

Although his abilities have been compared to religious figures, the healings have no religious significance but rather spiritual in nature. It is for this reason that Mas’ diverse community consists of clients of all faiths and beliefs.

Upon further research, he started studying similar near death experiences in order to understand this incredible shift that he was undergoing. The closest explanation he found was in the field of Quantum Physics.

The most important lessons come to him through meditations where, since his crossovers, these meditations have became even more vivid; a dream like state but wide awake and aware of his surroundings. At times, he transcends his physical body and from these meditations, gains knowledge on a multitude of subjects including spiritual and earthly matters. With time, his healing abilities have been magnified and sessions have been condensed, attaining significant shifts at the core level.

He started Transparent Self Image in November of 2009. Within less than a year, he had worked on over a thousand individuals just through referrals. Through his daily mediation sessions and frequent speaking engagements worldwide, Mas has been able to touch countless around the world. Whether it is physical or emotional health, finances, relationships or spirituality, Mas can change your frequency in order to be limitless in all aspects of your life.


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